The Windy Bottom Boys

From the valley of Windy Bottom these boys come to bring their old-time good-time tunes. Their reputation preceeds them wherever they go, amongst other things.

Formed in 1857 after a bumper bean harvest, they played up and down the valley for some years. In 1863 they took a canoe down Sheet Creek, fortunately remembering a paddle. Taking a right turn at the Yellow River they made their way to unfame and infortune and the perils of modern society. They’ve been down the ol’ dirt path ever since, spreading their own brand of mirth and moonshine.

They now appear to be immortal due to an accident with a time machine that they inadvertently made from bean tins, string, and some dynamite made from peanut extract during the long moist summer of Backwoods Love in 1869. They were initially trying to develop a rudimentary telecommunication device and no-one has successfully managed to recreate precise cirumstances of the accident since then, though a few have tried to reverse it. Often seen wearing dungarees, in the presence and with full consenting knowledge of banjos, the boys play ‘old time’ music with all of the insight one would expect from those who are old enough to remember when it was ‘new time’ music.

The Windy Bottom Boys are very keen to get out more often and, although they don’t like to talk about it, are surprisingly affordable provided that you have the money. Contact us to find out more about the band and their forthcoming first CD.