About Wierdstrings

Refusing to go to bed on time since 2005, The Wierdstring Band first took form after a legendary music session of beautiful music from across the world, which grew rowdier upon the addition of brandy coffees. After almost exactly eight hours’ straight playing, while nursing the few remaining beers and the sole surviving ‘G’ string not to have been sawn in half by the guitarist, the following conversation took place between a punter and one of our jovial crew:

Punter: “If I was to say to you ‘Bob Dylan’, what would you play?”
Jovial musician: “I’d say ‘let’s play ‘Le Freak’ by Chic”

And so was born The Wierdstring Band, resident inhabitants of Wierdstrings Acoustic tent, with a philosophy which continues to the present day: “wrong”. Everything has to be wrong, right down to the spelling of “weird”.

Weirdstrings Acoustic Yurt is a deceptively spacious 30ft Yurt which marks a shift from the unique berber tend which we called home until a couple of years ago. It continues in the traditions of predominantly acoustic music and predominantly acoustic musicians, ridiculous conversations, our unique crew of internationally acclaimed musicians, and our friendly and mainly house-trained arsonists firekeepers.

As well as tent residents The Wierdstring Band, you may also find their old-timey incarnation of The Windy Bottom Boys. The Boys play fine, old fiddle music, original songs of ancient origin, and reveal themselves to be the originators of social distancing with their combination of bagpipes and banjos.

Made from the heaviest rock of the desolate Northern wastes, BAAB play plaintive nordic-influenced folk tunes with a pulsating rock backing. Twin fiddles weave a magical tapestry of melody, brought to life in frequently repulsive detail by an entirely unreliable narrator.

Check out the individual pages to find out even more of all of the above. Or, if it should be that you cannot find that which you seek, why not send us an email? It’d be nice to hear from you, once in a while, and it’d make a welcome change from the spam we keep getting from Mountain Warehouse.