The Wierdstring Band

3 Men, 14 strings and a repertoire which includes more genres and jolly nights out than they’ve had hot beverages

The Acoustic

A 30ft Yurt filled with the finest musicians available at the time awaits you whilst our house-trained arsonists keep you warm and snug into the wee small hours


The haunting lilt of the Northern Wastes set to a selection of grooves carved from the hardest granite. Swedish Folk music played by heavy metal trolls, all held together by an unreliable narrator

The Windy Bottom Boys

Never knowingly undersold, The Boys bring you old-timey good times to lighten the heart and take a load off.

About Us

A brief overview of how it is that we’ve ended up like this

Contact Us

If there’s something wierd and it don’t look good, who you gonna call? Or text? Or email?

All the information you need to make that call